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Frontli Nulla Fides

A Time For....

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That's the funny thing about memories, we are only what we remember of ourselves.
acting goofy, adult swim, alcohol, angelina jolie, anime, anne rice, archeology, archery, art, australia, bdsm, bellydancing, blackadder, bleach, board games, bondage, british television, bubbles, buffy, candles, cars, catbert, cats, celliac spru, celtic, ceres, chatting, chocolate, coffee, comics, computers, conventions, cooking, corsets, cosplay, cowboy bebop, csi, cuddling, dancing, dilbert, dogbert, dominatrix, douglas adams, dr pepper, drinking, dune, family, fanfiction, foamy, france, frank herbert, funny people, gaming, geeks, get backers, getbackers, gravitation, guys, halloween, hana yori dango, henry rollins, highlander, history, hockey, hoodies, horror, hugh laurie, incense, independent people, intelligent people, japan, japanease, kissing, krav maga, latin, laughing, leather, lennon murphy, letters to cleo, linguistics, love, machivelli, manga, megatokyo, men, mexican food, movies, mythology, nature, ncis, old school punk, oranges, paris, parties, penguins, pennsic, people, poetry, pretender, red dwarf, redheads, robert heinlein, rock, rock horror picture show, rocky horror, rocky mountains, rollergirls, romance, rope binding, ruling the world, sca, science fiction, self improvement, settlers of catan, sex, sexology, shakespeare, ska, skating, snow, sociology, soundtracks, stars, sunrise, sunset, sydney, takeshi kaneshiro, tattoos, the art of war, theater, thunderstorms, travel, turtles, tv, vampires, weapons, witch hunter robin, witchblade, women, world domination, yoga